The Unadoptables

unadoptables cover_color2Have you ever gone to a cat shelter and noticed that there’s always a few cats that have a hard time getting adopted? You know, the old ones, the sickly ones, or the just plain cranky and mean ones? This comic is about those cats. 

The unadoptable kitties live in Calico Coffee, a cat cafe/shelter full of well-clawed furniture, yummy pastries, and strong tea and coffee. It’s a place where customers can mingle with felines, get their lattes sneezed in, their laps furred on, and their ankles nipped. The cafe’s owner, Hank, is a giant of a man who is deeply in touch with his inner cat lady. He loves all cats, but especially the lifers.

Issue #1 is complete! You can read it on Tapas and Tumblr.

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